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Themed hiking trail "On old paths to a bygone era" Reichenbach

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  • Reichenbach
    Photo: VG Baumholder, Urlaubsregion Naheland
m 500 450 400 350 300 12 10 8 6 4 2 km Ofenmuseum Reichenbach Denkmal Kirche Bahnhof Kronweiler
The circular trail provides numerous insights into the training area with its unique flora and fauna. At 14 stations or resting places old relics are processed, which know to tell many stories around the lost villages of the military training area.
Distance 12.3 km
4:09 h
353 m
353 m
478 m
348 m
The military training area is inseparably associated with the Baumholder region and its history makes it something unique in the area. The people of the 14 villages that were settled on the site years ago have found a new home, but many are still strongly rooted in the area of the military training area.On a length of about 12 km the theme hiking trail around Reichenbach reminds of the former places of the military training area.The rest stops along the way are incorporated relics from the old villages. Benches, built from stones from the villages, serve as resting places for the weary hiker and are perfect for enjoying the wonderful views of the village of Reichenbach, the region and especially the Baumholder military training area.  At each themed resting place there is a QR code behind which further information about the respective disappeared village is hidden.However, the path itself does not lead across the site itself, but offers impressive insights.

Author’s recommendation

Combine your hike also with a visit to the oven museum in the center of Reichenbach (Hauptstraße 23). It is open Sundays from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, except during the winter months.The QR codes at the stations contain a lot of information about the disappeared villages - don't forget your smartphone
Profile picture of Urlaubsregion Baumholder, Naheland-Touristik GmbH
Urlaubsregion Baumholder, Naheland-Touristik GmbH
Update: May 11, 2022
Highest point
478 m
Lowest point
348 m
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Safety information

Please inform yourself before your hike about current trail information such as closures and Hinwise under "current info".

Tips and hints

Information for dog owners:   
  • Difficulty: easy, relatively high tar content, many wide paths, well suited for an extended walk, even in winter.   
  • Distracting stimuli: the path runs parallel to the village road for a few meters at the beginning. In the further course is in isolated places a very little used road of the military training area nearby, which is also passed.There is rather little hiker traffic on the way, so that is not to be expected with large Begegenungsverkehr.Parallel to the trail are repeatedly paddocks.   
  • Water/Shade: The trail is mostly through open or lightly wooded terrain.Covered seating is available at some rest stops. Water sources like streams are not available. In summer please bring enough water for the dogs.   
  • Garbage cans/cleanliness: On the theme trail, the principle of "what you bring on the trail, you bring back home" is followed as far as possible. Therefore, trash cans are only available in isolated places. The remains of dogs and humans should not be left on/along the trail, so that the enjoyment of the hiking trail is preserved for everyone.


In the center of Reichenbach in front of the war memorial; Hauptstraße 45, 55776 Reichenbach. (410 m)
49.640972, 7.285844
49°38'27.5"N 7°17'09.0"E
32U 376241 5500124
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In the center of Reichenbach in front of the war memorial; Hauptstraße 45, 55776 Reichenbach.

Turn-by-turn directions

The trail begins with the former village of Ausweiler and introduces the 14 former villages one after the other.

In the description of the path below, the villages of the military training area that disappeared are written in bold in parentheses.

Reichenbach parking lot - (Ausweiler) - (Erzweiler) - main road - (Grünbach) - Auf dem Schoss - (Mambächel) - K 11 - (Kefersheim) - fountain - (Aulenbach) - sports field - (Ehlenbach) - (Ilgesheim) - (Oberjeckenbach) - Salzlecke - (Wieselbach) - Reilsbach - L 172 - (Zaubach) - Betschied - (Frohnhausen) - (Breungenborn) - (Ronnenberg) - Reichenbach parking lot

We reach the starting point of the hike at the end of Reichenbach in the direction of Nohen. In front of the war memorial we turn left and continue to the transformer house. There is enough parking space on the green area on the right side of the path.The path is marked with red color. Changes of direction are indicated by a red isosceles triangle whose apex indicates the new direction.

Looking over Reichenbach we see the western part of the military training area with the Winterhauch as horizon. The Sauberg with 600 meters of altitude is the highest point of this range.  At the upper end of the parking lot in front of a blackthorn bush there is an information board with the hiking route. The substructure consists of sandstone blocks.Walking on, after about 400 m we reach a bench flanked by an old gatepost. The sandstone material comes from the cemetery wall and its entrance gate of the village of Ronnenberg. We now continue on this old path in the direction of Heimbach and after about 500 m we reach a fork in the road. A rest area invites you to take a break.We continue to the next fork in the road and follow the dirt road that turns to the right. After 200 m there is a sandstone seat on the right side of the path. Originally it was once a window turn from Frohnhausen.

Passing fields and meadows, the path continues until after 500 m we come to a covered seating area. The dry stone wall and steps that frame it are materials that come from the former village of Zaubach.

After a short steep section in the beech pole wood, we cross the country road to Nohen and turn left onto a meadow path. Following the path we come to the gorge-like Landsgraben, cross the Reielsbach and continue uphill to the right. After 500 m we turn left onto a forest path that leads us along the middle slope of the Hochfelsen to the Goldgrube. Shortly before we leave the forest, there is a rocky outcrop on the left side of the path, from which you can have a view into the Nahe valley.About 250 m further on, on the right side of the path, we can look into the shaft of an old ore mine. Copper was mined there until the 1930s. Passing a small meadow, after a short ascent we reach an ancient linden tree. In its shade, the hiker can rest on a bench, the parts of which are the remains of a house of the disappeared village of Wieselbach, as well as the dry stone wall at its feet.

Turning left, we continue down the valley on the path until we reach the old district road to Kronweiler in a hairpin bend. Then go uphill in the direction of Reichenbach until you reach the next hairpin bend. Now follow the signs, a little downhill then uphill following the edge of the Nahe valley, through deciduous and coniferous forest, finally passing fields, we reach the Salzleck.Within sight of the old county road, a resting place awaits us. The former district road now leads us further in the direction of the sports field Reichenbach. At the crossing to the outside fire position 205 at the foot of Harzbuch we can take a short break and rest on a bench, whose sandstone parts come from Ilgesheim. A short ascent and Harzbuch is reached.

A resting point invites us to linger. The magnificent panoramic view that presents itself compensates for the efforts of the path so far. The highest village in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hattgenstein, is embedded in the high forest in a straight line of sight, the Nahe valley is at our feet, the horizon is dominated by the Soon, Idar and Hochwald forests with the Erbeskopf, the highest mountain in Rhineland-Palatinate, and the Freisen heights are within reach.Passing the sports field, taking a look at Reichenbach with its beautiful church, we reach a crossroads on a level path. In front of it, on a green area to the left of the path, there is a group of seats. The sandstones that support the table and bench are remnants of the village of Aulenbach. After a few meters we turn right, follow the dirt road until we reach the infrastructure road, and then turn right towards the military training area.

At the border of the square, a barrier prevents us from going further. We turn right in the direction of Reichenbach until we reach the cemetery and enter it through the rear entrance. Opposite the mortuary we see a neo-Gothic cemetery cross. Originally it stood in the cemetery of Kefersheim. Leaving the cemetery, we continue on today's Dorfstraße, putting our feet back on a part of the old Roman road. Today's Dorfstraße was probably part of the Roman road on which we started our hike.

Following the course of the village road, we come to the intersection of the two ancient long-distance routes described at the beginning. The village name for this part of the village is still called Kreuzweg. Crossing the crossroads in a straight direction, we see on the right side of a small square a millstone, which was transformed into a sundial, also a work of the master stonemason Pfestorf, and 3 sandstone troughs. They symbolize the 3 mills in the Steinalb, of which the Schmidtenmühle and the Germannsmühle belonged to the municipality of Grünbach. The last station of the hike is reached at the war memorial of Reichenbach. In the lawn we see the replica of a tree trunk made of sandstone. It is the gravestone of the royal forest supervisor Ludwig Roeder, born on July 20, 1861 and died on September 23, 1884, who was buried in the cemetery of Erzweiler. The gravestone as well as the cemetery cross are listed in the list of cultural monuments of Rhineland-Palatinate. Now we have reached the end point of our hike. Following the course of the road, we reach the starting point after a few hundred meters and can once again capture the so different landscape of the military training area with a look back. Text: Fritz Kunz, Reichenbach.


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Public transport


Die nächstegelegenen Bähnhofe liegen in Idar-Oberstein und Ruschberg.

Ruschberg kann mit der Bahn in 5 Minuten erreicht werden. Die Buslinie 320 fährt von Idar-Oberstein über Reichenbach und Ruschberg nach Baumholder. Auch dort ist ein Bahnhof zu finden.

 Weitere Informationen und Fahrpläne unter

Getting there

Von Baumholder kommend:

Baumholder über die L 169 Richtung Idar-Oberstein verlassen. An der Ampel rechts abbiegen in Richtung Idar-Oberstein. An der nächsten Kreuzung rechts abbiegen auf die L 176 Richtung Idar-Oberstein fahren. Biegen Sie an der Kreuzung auf der Hügelkuppe links dann direkt wieder rechts ab nach Reichenbach hinein. Direkt nach ca. 10 m biegen Sie links ab in die Straße „In der Lerchwies“. An der nächsten Kreuzung biegen Sie rechts ab in die Schulstraße. Das Gemeindehaus befindet sich unmittelbar auf der linken Seite.

Aus Idar-Oberstein kommend:

Folgen Sie der B41 und der L176 Richtung Baumholder. Fahren Sie an der ersten Kreuzung in der Talsenke rechts ab nach Reichenbach hinein. Folgen Sie der Hauptstraße und biegen Sie an der nächsten Kreuzung nach links in die Straße „Zehntschauer“ ein. Folgen Sie dem Straßenverlauf ca 800m bis zum Abzweig „In der Lerchwies auf der rechten Seite und biegen Sie in diese Straße ab. An der nächsten Kreuzung biegen Sie rechts ab in die Schulstraße. Das Gemeindehaus befindet sich unmittelbar auf der linken Seite.


Zuwegung zum Startpunkt des Themenwanderweges:

Vom Gemeindehaus aus wenden Sie sich nach rechts zurück zur Kreuzung Schulstraße - In der Lerchwies. Biegen Sie nach rechts ab und folgen Sie der Straße bis zur nächsten Kreuzung. Hier biegen Sie links ab. Nach wenigen Metern erreichen Sie rechter Hand ein Trafohäuschen und den Startpunkt des Themenwanderwegs.





Parkplätze sind am Dorfgemeinschaftshaus ausreichend vorhanden.


49.640972, 7.285844
49°38'27.5"N 7°17'09.0"E
32U 376241 5500124
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Kostenloser Infoflyer und Informationen zu den verschwunden Dörfern erhältlich bei der Touristinfo der VG Baumholder

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Wanderkarte der VG Baumholder, kostenlos - erhältlich bei der Touristinfo der VG Baumholder

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Sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the weather are recommended.

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Andreas Meier
June 13, 2020 · Community
Rundtour durch Wald und Wiesen die Hügel hoch und runter. Einige Streckenabschnitte sind von der Beschaffenheit bei nasser Witterung schwer zu begehen. Markierungen sind teilweise nicht vorhanden. Es gibt schönere Rundwanderwege in dieser Region.
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When did you do this route? June 13, 2020
Photo: Andreas Meier, Community
Photo: Andreas Meier, Community
Photo: Andreas Meier, Community
M. R.
May 22, 2020 · Community
Wegweiser müssten dringend überarbeitet werden. Ansonsten ein schöner Wanderweg.
Show more
Profile picture of A. J.
A. J.
December 21, 2014 · Community
Die Tour verläuft auf gut begehbaren Wegen (wenn es nicht geregnet hat) Leider fehlen an manchen Abzweigungen die Markierung. Schöne landschaft aber leider sind an den Aussichtspunkten mit den Relikten aus den Dörfern keine Infotafeln vorhanden... Deshalb fand ich die Tour ein wenig langweilig.
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When did you do this route? December 21, 2014

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12.3 km
4:09 h
353 m
353 m
Highest point
478 m
Lowest point
348 m
Public-transport-friendly Circular route Scenic Family-friendly Cultural/historical interest Dog-friendly


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