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Vacation compass

The vacation compass is a new digital system for guest information and visitor guidance, which has been used in the national park towns of Bad Peterstal-Griesbach (Black Forest) and Birkenfeld (Hunsrück) since August 2020. Here, already digitally available data from various areas (tourism, forestry offices, etc.) are automatically merged, new data is digitally obtained, linked to existing systems and intelligently played out directly to the guest via new interfaces in real time.

The information is played on existing devices (e.g. TVs in guest rooms, mobile phones of the guests) as well as at new information terminals in heavily frequented locations. The information displayed is available in real time and affects all areas relevant to the guest: currently open restaurants, weather and environmental data from the hiking trail, blocked paths, etc.

National park regions working together

v.L. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Sandra Wenz (Head of TI Birkenfelder Land), Axel Singer (Managing Director of Kur und Tourismus GmbH Bad Peterstal-Griesbach), Thomas Bareiß
v.L. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Sandra Wenz (Head of TI Birkenfelder Land), Axel Singer (Managing Director of Kur und Tourismus GmbH Bad Peterstal-Griesbach), Thomas Bareiß
The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany supports the tourism sector with the funding measure for increasing performance and promoting innovation in tourism: The aim is to increase performance and promoting innovation in tourism, i.e. to strengthen Germany as a tourist location and the competitiveness of businesses a total of 1.5 million euros were made available.

More than 160 tourism businesses and organizations in Germany applied for the funding measure. The cooperation between the National Park Community of Bad Peterstal-Griesbach and the National Park Association of Birkenfeld (Hunsrück-Hochwald) was also selected with the project "National Park Regions digital gut verNETZT".

On December 9, 2019, both project partners were officially part of the LIFT project by Thomas Bareiß, Parliamentary State Secretary Awarded by the BMWi and Heinz-Dieter Quack, Head of the Federal Tourism Competence Center!

Vacation Compass host Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Vacation compass host Birkenfelder Land

Project content

Training association

Association of trainees in the national park communities
The project marks the start of extensive cooperation for the two municipalities. In addition to the funding project, they will start a training association on August 1, 2019: one trainee to become a businessman begins in each of the two municipalities.

Digital visitor counting on the paths

Eco Counter supplies intelligent counting systems on hiking trails that record both walking directions and also transmit the number of hikers in real time to the installed touchpoints several times a day. In this way, guests can see the daily number of visitors on the individual routes and, especially in times of Corona, decide on a less frequented route.

weather data in real time

As part of this project, the premium hiking trails in both communities were equipped with a specially developed weather data measurement system.  You get this information in real time about: air temperature, humidity, light radiation, volume and very important; Inform particulate matter, ozone and nitrogen dioxide.

Digital route management

The tourist information have been on the hiking trails since August in order to record every detail of the hiking trail infrastructure. Whether benches, signage or barbecue huts, but also special features such as fountains or special views, are stored in combination with a photo of the respective location in the content management system of Outdooractive Facility and can be accessed in the future via smartphone or tablet at any time and anywhere.

This tool can also be used by the responsible district manager to block or redirect paths directly, which are then played out for hikers at the touchpoints at the hosts or at public locations. The locations are also listed on a digital map in Outdooractive's “Facility Manager”.

Vacation Compass information terminals

Mayor Meinrad Baumann and Managing Director Axel Singer
The new and modern information terminals now offer all the important information you need for your stay. At the large outdoor terminal in front of the Bad Peterstal Tourist Information Office, guests can now find all informations about hiking trails, train connections and accommodation,  24/7. The real-time information such as weather and environmental data is played out in the same way as the nearest destinations or restaurants. Using a wish list, guests can put together their favorite locations and load it onto their mobile phone via QR code. 

Urlaubs-Kompass nun auch in Ferienwohnungen

Destination Box in der Ferienwohnung am Döttelbach Photo: Maria Winter
Mit den neuen Destination-Boxen können sich nun alle Gastgeber den Urlaubs-Kompass auf die Fernseher ihrer Ferienwohnungen holen. Die kleine Box wird einfach an den Fernseher angeschlossen und kann dann vom Gast mit der Fernbedienung bedient werden. Die ersten Gastgeber nutzen bereits die Boxen und bieten ihren Gästen damit ein neues digitales Erlebnis. Mit Wilkommensbildschirm kann der Urlaubs-Kompass die Gäste so dirket in Bad Peterstal-Griesbach begrüßen.
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