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Der Wiesensteig oberhalb vom Stieg.


Wiesensteig in Bad Peterstal-Griesbach - eine Tour für "Genusssucher"

28.04.2022 · Community
Have done this walk from my holiday home near Griesbach. This made the walk a bit longer 16.5km with 770m ascent. Needed 4.5 hours including breaks. I walked clockwise and found the first half of the walk a bit boring with mostly wide forest tracks. The second half of the walk was really nice. Great stretch along the river, crossing it a few times using stepping stones. And then all the up and down over small paths through meadows and forests. A lot of wildflowers and butterflies everywhere. Spring is a great time do do this walk. Really not a difficult walk. But some spots could prove challenging for inexperienced hikers. Especially when wet.
Gemacht am 28.04.2022

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Saskia Lochbaum
We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the walking-tour, Fred! Thank you for your rating!
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